Kellie Nallaiah


Project Manager, Academic Project Operations

BMedSc(HonsI) MPH (University of Sydney)

Kellie Nallaiah is a Project Manager in Academic Project Operations and joined the George Institute for Global Health in 2013.  

She has a particular interest in the project management of translational public health research studies, program evaluations, and studies involving the use of routinely collected data to better inform health research. She also has a strong interest in the efficient use of resources from a project management perspective.

Her current projects include research into novel and more efficient approaches to conducting clinical trials, the use of linked data, and quality use of medicines.

Kellie co-Chairs the institute’s Environmental Sustainability Committee which drives workplace culture shift towards more sustainable practices and supports the recent incorporation of climate change as a determinant of health into our research program. 

Kellie has successfully worked on academic, industry, and government initiated projects in a range of Divisions across the institute.