Women’s Health

Global women’s health program

Over the past few decades, global efforts to improve the health of women and girls have largely focused on reducing unacceptably high levels of maternal mortality and morbidity. These efforts, along with broader socioeconomic and cultural trends, have led to a shift in the global burden of disease for women. In almost every country, non-communicable diseases and injuries (NCDIs) are now the leading causes of death and disability for women.

The overarching principle of our Global Women’s Health Program (GWHP) is to promote a life-course approach to addressing this burden of NCDIs, as well as focussing on other important, women-specific health issues.

The GWHP has a bold vision, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals: namely, to improve the health of women worldwide, as well as achieve gender equality and empower all women, by 2030.

The key areas of research are:

  • A sex and gendered approach to research
  • Integrating pregnancy management with NCDI prevention
  • Cancers and gynaecological morbidity
  • Health systems, rights and determinants to women’s health
  • Women, health and the environment