Jared Field is Taking it to the next level

At the George Institute for Global Health, we know that investment in people is what brings about real change.

It’s this view of capacity building that underpins The George Institute’s development strategy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research, exemplified by the Statistical Division team when they took on Jared Field, a pure mathematics student at the University of Sydney.

Under the guidance of Professor Laurent Billot, Jared worked on early analysis of a new renal drug trial – “quite different to what’s on the market” - and assisted with data cleaning for a major study with VicRoads.

It was an opportunity to get exposure to a range of different designs and tasks in clinical trials and observational studies. Jared’s strong skills with numbers and statistics enabled him go the next level. He learned new programming software and developed understanding on infrequently used randomisation methods, all highly valued skills in a biostatistician.

“I didn’t do a lot of programming in my undergrad. Working on interim analysis at the George I learned statistical skills that can be applied to any study, certainly clinical trials,” said Jared.

The bi-lingual 22 year old  – Jared’s Dad is French and his Mum a Gamilaroi woman from north west New South Wales - was not looking to take on any more research when he was offered the role at The George.

“I decided I needed a break,” he said. “I was hesitant - I had no idea what I was going to do because I’ve never not been in formal education - but at The George it was still learning, but a different type of learning.”

“It was a good opportunity to add capacity and dynamism to the team,” said Prof Billot. “Hopefully this has developed longer term capacity and relationships should Jared be interested in pursuing a biostatical career.”

Influenced by the purposeful use of statistics in The George’s work, Jared is now doing his honours thesis back at The University of Sydney.

“I now want to do something more practical”, he says.

The added plus to Jared’s time at The George? Speaking French.

“Most of team speaks French and it was great to have sometimes a whole day to speak nothing but!”