saltswitch project

A novel method for reducing blood pressure among individuals with hypertension


One in four working age Australians have high blood pressure and eating a healthier diet helps to reduce blood pressure. Online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and we are interested in understanding how we can help people who buy most of their groceries online eat healthier.


The overall goal of this research is to determine the effectiveness of an Online Grocery Shopping (OGS) intervention for lowering blood pressure amongst patients with hypertension.


While you are in the study, you will receive resources and materials related to healthy eating over a period of 12-weeks to support you making healthier grocery purchasing choices.

You will also receive a wireless-enabled automated blood pressure monitor (RRP $179) to use for monitoring your blood pressure over the course of the study. Participants can keep the monitor when they finish the trial.

How this will help?

Online grocery shopping is expected to continue to grow quickly. By participating in this trial, you will receive information that could help you with making healthier online purchases. Your participation will also help inform researchers about the potential of the Online Grocery Shopping intervention to help others in Australia.