online grocery shopping

Understanding how information shapes how people shop for groceries online

Online Grocery Shopping Study

About this study

Australians are increasingly shopping online for their groceries however we don’t have much evidence on the level of influence of information available to consumers online. The aim of this research is to understand how online grocery purchasing choices may change depending on the information being presented online.

Recruitment criteria

  • Aged 18-75
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Diagnosed by your doctor or currently taking a stable dose of blood pressure lowering medications
  • Regularly purchase most of their groceries online from Woolworths and plan to continue for the duration of the study (4 months) or for those who don’t currently shop with Woolworths, you will also be eligible if you switch to shopping at Woolworths for the duration of the study

Would be willing to shop for their groceries online for the study

What’s involved?

Participants will be asked to complete the following research activities if they consent to join this study:

  • Complete your regular grocery shopping online via Woolworths
  • Complete surveys
  • Complete dietary questionnaires
  • Provide at home blood pressure measurements, using a monitor we provide at no cost to you
  • Provide urine samples at a certified Pathology Centre close to you
  • A small selection of participants will be invited to participate in a telephone interview at the end of the study asking you about your thoughts on different elements of the study and suggestions for improvements.

Benefits (gift cards, etc)

You will receive up to $350 worth of Woolworths ‘Essentials/Grocery eGift Card’ grocery vouchers in recognition of your participation. You will also be able to keep the blood pressure monitors provided to you (valued at $179).