Dr Sanne Peters awarded Vidi Fellowship to explain sex differences in heart disease

The George Institute for Global Health's Associate Professor Dr Sanne Peters – whose research focuses on sex differences in chronic diseases – has been awarded a prestigious Vidi fellowship, part of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) Talent  Programme.

The 78 fellows, all experienced postdoctoral researchers, are each supported through a grant worth 800,000 euros over a 5-year period. NWO’s Talent Programme selects researchers based on quality, innovation, and the expected impact of their proposed research. The Vidi grant supports researchers to pursue an innovative line of enquiry and to establish their own research group.

Dr Peters will build on her research with The George Institute that identifies sex differences in coronary heart disease risk factors. During the fellowship, she aims to determine whether sex differences in biological factors or differences in health care practice explain why these exist.

Dr Peters commented:

I am honoured to be a Vidi laureate. This grant will support my research that aims to explain sex differences in heart disease risk factors and draw out implications for clinical practice. The grant will enable me to recruit two PhD students, who will be employing advanced statistical methods in complex databases to find explanations, biological or otherwise, and translate these into policy and practice.

Find out more about Dr Peters' work here.