Catherine Ho

Catherine Ho

Associate Project Manager

Bachelor of Health

Catherine is a Associate Project Manager working in the Injury Division at The George Institute for Global Health. Catherine has been working within the Injury space since 2014. With a background in Health and Health Promotion, her expertise lies within child safety, particularly, child passenger safety in vehicles.

Her main roles are in project delivery and management. Catherine has extensive experience preparing ethics applications for committee reviews, recruiting participants for projects, developing databases to meet project needs, collecting data from research participants, managing research and participant data to ensure compliance, drafting reports to stakeholders and manuscripts for publication. She recently completed data collection for a randomised controlled trial involving 427 participants. Catherine conducted home visits to assess correctness of car seat installation 6-months after parents/families received an intervention developed by the research team.

Previously, Catherine has conducted qualitative interviews with parents and families from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to identify user needs in child restraint safety information. Similarly, she has been involved in focus group work with motorcyclists to investigate rider needs in protective clothing. Aside from conducting fieldwork, she has also been involved in numerous laboratory-based studies focusing on improving usability of child restraints and improving the comprehension and delivery of child restraint safety information.