Mr Martin Bowles PSM

NCEO, Calvary Health Care

Martin Bowles is the National Chief Executive Office of Calvary Health Care, taking up his appointment in November of 2017. He was previously Secretary of the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health since October 2014. He led reforms in primary health care and mental health service arrangements, access to medical and pharmaceutical benefits, aged care, hospital funding and digital health.  

Prior to this Mr Bowles was the Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  He also held the positions of Deputy Secretary in the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, and the Department of Defence, respectively.  In 2012 Mr Bowles was awarded a Public Service Medal for delivering highly successful energy efficiency policies and remediation programs for the Home Insulation and Green Loans programs. Mr Bowles held senior executive positions in the railways, education and health portfolios in the state government public sector, prior to joining the Commonwealth Public Service.