Sudhir Raj Thout


Research Fellow

MA (Anthropology)

Sudhir is currently working as database manager for FoodSwitch (India) study. He is responsible for managing and maintaining the Indian Food Composition Database, including data collection, processing, quality control and working with stakeholders (Food Industry). 

Sudhir has expertise in managing projects, conducting health surveys and program evaluations. He also has international exposure working in Mongolia as a Health Researcher assigned to the Provincial Health Department and later as a Program Advisor in the European Commission funded health project ‘Improving health through community volunteering and empowerment’.

He also worked in both governmental and non-governmental sectors within institutions and ministries implementing a number of projects in areas of capacity development, child health, and immunization. His areas of interest are noncommunicable diseases, community health, and health system management.

He is also involved in the ‘Science of salt’ project funded by the University of Calgary, where he is collating data from research articles in the area of salt on a regular basis to be uploaded to a website for dissemination and works on Science of Salt Weekly.