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Tackling the stigma: let's talk about menstrual health in India

Menstruation is a major taboo in India, with huge society-wide stigma around hygiene-related menstrual practices and needs . It is crucial to raise awareness around menstrual hygiene management to ensure the adoption of safe and sustainable menstrual practices. This must extend to sharing information on the range of sanitation products available and the respective impact these have on environment. In this episode of The Scan, we discuss the stigma and challenges around menstrual practices in India, hearing from from Dr JK Lakshmi, Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute, Kamal Nayak, Founder of Good Universe, and Dr Arundati Muralidharan, a public health professional engaged in research and policy advocacy in menstrual health. The discussion also includes the perspectives of Archana Sali, an IT professional and Amrita Suresh, author of a book on menstrual cups.

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