Leading Indian research and innovation

Dr. Pallab K. Maulik joined The George Institute, India, as the Head of Research in early 2010. Dr Maulik, who was appointed Deputy Director of The George Institute, India, in early June, is motivated to develop research that can be translated into policy decisions relevant to India.

He and his team at the George are working to become a top research institution in India and in the region, while contributing to the larger global community. He also has an appointment with the George Centre for Healthcare innovation, University of Oxford, as a Senior Research Associate, and he intends to use this position to develop collaborative research between The George Institute and the University of Oxford and also take part in teaching in public mental health courses.

His current focus of research is in understanding chronic health problems facing child and adolescent populations; disability; and urban health issues. The objective is to develop research that can be scaled up to be included in effective national programs and policies in India.

Dr. Maulik brings a wealth of experience to the Institute, in particular expertise in mental health. He has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, on mental health programs, and clinically as a psychiatrist in India and Australia.

His particular research interests include social determinants of health, especially mental health services, mental disorders, international mental health, and intellectual disability.

After training as a psychiatrist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Dr. Maulik received training in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as Johns Hopkins School of Public Health where he studied his Masters and Doctoral training.