Evidence maps for identifying research gaps: Leptospirosis in India

Leptospirosis is a major zoonotic disease occurring in subtropical and tropical countries. The disease peaks seasonally, often in outbreaks – with potential for epidemics. Being a zoonotic disease it is related to a diverse range of factors such as climate, animal-human interaction and living conditions.


In the recent past, there has been a surge in incidence and outbreaks of leptospirosis with cases reported from several states in India. The ‘Indian Council of Medical Research, (ICMR) Expert Committee on Leptospirosis’ has identified the need to inform future strategic decisions for research through systematic appraisal of available research in the country. The project focusses on developing an evidence gap map (EGM) of available research on Leptospirosis in India, to inform deliberations on future research priorities and help enable optimal utilisation of funds to foster coherent efforts for leptospirosis prevention and control in India.  


An EGM helps in identifying gaps in knowledge and future research needs.  Methodology around evidence mapping is rapidly evolving and our approach is largely to use a “fit for purpose” approach using robust methods and achieving objectives within the time and resource constraints.  

Our EGM presents evidence from laboratory studies, systematic reviews, observational studies and intervention studies on Leptospirosis in India. Research on Leptospirosis in India is mapped under four broad domains for the development of EGM: laboratory research, epidemiology, diagnostic tests, and prevention, management and control. 
An advisory committee consisting of key stakeholders was constituted to guide the development of EGMs. Key steps in the project are summarised in Figure below: 

Cite as: Moola S, Bhaumik S, Salam A, Jagnoor J. Mapping the Evidence on Leptospirosis in India: An Evidence Gap Map. Information Sheet. The George Institute for Global Health. 2019. 

The key output of the project will be several EGMs on Leptospirosis research in India and these will be presented in formats facilitating stakeholder visualisation and usage for decision-making. 
This work is supported by funding from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Download our information sheet on, 'Evidence Gap Map: New Frontiers to Inform Research Priorities.' (PDF 762 KB)

Project Outputs: Visualisation of EGMs  on Leptospirosis research in India

An Evidence Gap Map for Prevention, Management and Control for Leptospirosis (PDF 49 KB)

An Evidence Gap Map on Aetiology /Risk factors (PDF 45 KB)

An Evidence Gap Map on Prevalence and Incidence Studies (PDF 532 KB)

An Evidence Gap Map on Diagnostic Tests​ (PDF 45 KB)