Salt substitution could prevent almost half a million deaths from cardiovascular disease in China

School-based education program to reduce salt: Scaling-up in China


EduSaltS will develop a feasible, sustainable and adaptable scale-up package to reduce salt intake in schoolchildren and their families, with the ultimate goal of lowering the risk of developing of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in the Chinese population.


  • EdusaltS will be implemented in three regions of Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Zhenjiang.
  • A pilot phase will develop a feasible and scalable school-based salt reduction package and conduct a pilot scale-up study in six schools of the three cities, including urban and rural areas.
  • The program will be scaled up in all schools of the three cities with support from local education and health authorities. The effectiveness and efficiency of the program will be evaluated, as well as any barriers of facilitators to implementation.
  • EduSaltS will be rolled out nationally, in combination with the existing school health education system and health promotion platforms