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International Clinical Trials Day | Panel Discussion: Patient and public involvement in clinical trials in India

To mark the International Clinical Trials Day on 20th May 2022, The George Institute organised a panel discussion to expand awareness about the importance of patient and public involvement in clinical trials and include stakeholders’ perspectives in involving patients and the public throughout a clinical trial.

Patients and the public continue to be regarded as a source of data in the clinical trial process. Even though initiatives have been taken in recent years to change this situation, quite often the efforts have remained unchanged and is defeating the whole purpose of their meaningful involvement. The deep-rooted imbalances in society also impact equitable patients and public involvement in clinical trials.

Our expert speakers of the panel are as follows:

  • Dr Bharath Kumar - Intensivist Apollo Chennai & Honorary Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health, India
  • Dr Anant Bhan - Independent Researcher, Bioethics and Global Health
  • Dr Aparna Mukherjee - Scientist (Medical), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  • DVL Padma Priya - Editor-in-Chief, Suno India

Moderator: Dr Niveditha Devasenapathy - Lead Better Treatments, The George Institute for Global health, India