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Tea with Africa webinar for Word Kidney Day, 'Chronic Kidney Disease in Africa: Lived experiences and opportunities for improving systems of care'

This is a recording of a special webinar to mark Word Kidney Day on Thursday 09th March 2023. Featuring a first-hand account of someone living with chronic kidney disease in Zimbabwe, this event also discussed current efforts to improve the quality of life of people living with CKD in Africa, and identified further opportunities for improving systems of care.


  • ‘Life as a patient with chronic kidney disease in Zimbabwe’,  Mr Sibanda, is a member of the Kidney Association of Zimbabwe and suffers from chronic kidney failure
  • ‘Chronic kidney disease challenges, responses and opportunities in Zimbabwe’, Dr. Rumbidzai Dahwa, Head of the Renal department at Sally Mugabe hospital and Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences‘
  • CKD-Africa collaboration: Experiences and opportunities for researching chronic kidney disease in Africa’, Dr Cindy George, Chair CKD-Africa and Senior Scientist at the South African Medical Research Council