Janani Shanthosh

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Research Fellow (Health, Economics and Law)

Dr Janani Shanthosh is a global health lawyer and Research Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health. Janani leads two research streams within the Centre for Health Systems Science: Realising women’s health rights, and NCDs and the law. This work aims to develop empirical research tools that policy makers and researchers can use to evaluate law (in terms of power, effectiveness, acceptability and sustainability), and to inform legislative reform. Janani’s research interests include monitoring state responses to rights violations in women and girls, and co-producing model public health laws alongside governments and communities to create healthier societies.

Janani holds a concurrent position as Academic Lead of the Health and Human Rights Program at the Australian Human Rights (AHR) Institute, University of New South Wales. The Program works toward the progressive realisation of human rights at national, regional and global levels by improving the generation and translation of evidence about the linkages between human rights and health outcomes.