Evaluation of VicRide On-Road Coaching Program

This project evaluates a rider coaching program that is being trialled in Victoria for newly licensed riders. It will cover outcome, process and economic evaluations in order to inform road safety policy decisions on the implementation of a behavioural program for motorcycle riders.

Full project name

VicRide trial: Evaluation of an on-road assisted ride program for newly licensed motorcycle riders.

Project location

Australia / India /China / United Kingdom

Date started

May 2010

Date completed


Brief project description

VicRoads initiated a large-scale trial of this newly developed program in the state of Victoria for newly licensed motorcyclists. The program was named the VicRide program for the purpose of the trial. The program was developed, on behalf of VicRoads, by the Monash University Accident Research Centre in conjunction with Honda Australia Rider Training and Learning Systems Analysis.

The George Institute for Global Health is evaluating the VicRide program via a randomized control trial primarily to determine its effectiveness in reducing crash rates for novice motorcycle riders in Victoria. Around 2400 newly licensed riders in Victoria were recruited into the study. The Survey Research Centre, Edith Cowan University conducted the baseline and 3-month follow-up and 12-month follow-up telephone interviews with the study participants. These interviews provided self-reported information on the participants, such as riding patterns, attitudes, behaviours, and crash history. Police-recorded crash data and VicRoads traffic infringement data of all consenting participants were also used to evaluate VicRide. The results are expected to be available in 2015.

Project lead

Chika Sakashita