Vic Roads On-Ride: Evaluation of a large-scale trial of an on-road assisted ride program for newly licensed motorcycle riders

This project evaluates a rider coaching program that is being trialled in Victoria for newly licensed riders. It will cover outcome, process and economic evaluations in order to inform road safety policy decisions on the implementation of a behavioural program for motorcycle riders.

VicRide is an on-road focused coaching program developed, on behalf of VicRoads, by the Monash University Accident Research Centre in conjunction with Honda Australia Rider Training and Learning Systems Analysis. It is a group program delivered on-road, as opposed to traditional classroom delivery. Two to three riders go on rides with an experienced riding coach trained by Honda Australia Rider Training on routes with both metro and rural riding environments.

There is one hour of discussion spread over the total four hour session. The rides are followed by group discussions to enable the riders to reflect on their own riding behaviour and to obtain feedback from the coach. The coach acts as a facilitator for the riders to learn and develop safe riding attitudes and behaviours through their direct experience by the riders. The trial was endorsed by the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council.

The project will ensure that interventions that are shown to be effective and cost-effective can be available for the community to reduce road trauma. This is not limited to saving lives but also saving the emotional grief associated with road injuries and death.