SMARTHealth Diabetes

To develop and evaluate an interactive mobile health management system for systematic medical assessment, referral and treatment for diabetes care in China using lay family health promote

SMARThealth Diabetes will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1 aims for intervention development, and we will conduct a comprehensive barriers analysis of the existing Family Health Promoter project to understand the opportunities and constraints experienced by patients with T2DM and their families in accessing high quality health care, develop an evidence-based appraisal of best practice recommendations for the management of T2DM and develop these into a health management algorithm, and take a user-centred design approach with urban and rural patients, family health promoters and medical staff to develop and field-test the health management ‘app’.

Phase 2 aims for implementation and evaluation, and we will conduct a large-scale cluster randomised controlled trial of the system and determine its clinical impact for people with T2DM, and conduct process and economic evaluations to understand intervention impact on patients, family health promoters (FHPs) and staff, and to determine cost-effectiveness and scale-up opportunities.