Research services

The Research Services Unit provides comprehensive support and quality assurance based on SOPs, includes project management, data management, study design and statistical analysis, and economic evaluation, for all research undertaken by the George Institute both locally and globally. It also provides full research services for external projects based on contract.

The Statistics and Data Management team have combined experience in the design and analysis of epidemiology study, clinical research, clinical trials, and health technology assessment on a wide range of subjects and fields. These include cardiology, cerebrovasology, neurology, electrophysiology, mental health, sleep medicine, environmental pollution, reproductive medicine, drug clinical trials or medical device clinical trials, etc.. They supported various research projects and provides professional advice and services.

The Project Management team focus on supporting and standardizing the institution’s project quality management and procedure, maintain effective professional relationship with external investigators, customers and vendors, meanwhile, maintain effective relationship with internal staffs providing high-quality academic input, which includes but not only limited to resource integration, project operation monthly training and kick off checklist reviewing.